Thermal Underwear

As a premier online stockist, Pyjamamania offers a huge range of quality thermal underwear. Located in Preston, VIC, all our thermals are made from genuine merino wool and 100% cotton, available in singlet, short-sleeve, or long-sleeve cuts.

Available in muted, neutral colours such as beige, black, grey, and white mean you can wear them under anything, keeping warm and getting on with your day without ever getting caught out by unpredictable weather again! They make for great everyday wear, once summer ends and the months start getting colder.

Thermals are also an ideal way to stay comfortable without inhibiting your movement in harsh weather conditions, due to bulky winter-wear or heavy snow jackets and pants – especially useful if you're travelling overseas, going camping, or roughing it in the great outdoors.

Going away for a family winter vacation? Wanting to ski all day while staying dry and comfortable? Pack a pair of Pyjamamania thermal underwear for the day. Be prepared for whatever the seasons have in store for you!

To help keep your kids nice and warm during those frosty winter months, we also offer a wide selection of funky thermal pyjamas for both girls and boys. Send the kids to bed each night in long johns, safe in the knowledge they'll stay warm throughout the night.

Keep cosy on chilly nights and wake up to comfy mornings with Pyjamamania's thermal underwear, available at our online store. Browse our selection below: